Free cooking channels on the Android TV Box

I have been working from home recently and have had the TV on in the background while I work on my laptop and I have been watching a lot of cooking channels I haven’t come across before. My Dad recently bought me an android tv box which means I have hundreds of channels from around the world for free. It is really cool as I can get channels from Australia, Canada, NZ and the USA but the best thing about it is the live sports for free. I used to have to pay a big TV bill of around €70.00 per month which I have just cancelled due to this android tv box.

All I needed was a decent WIFI connection and a HDMI cable and I was ready to go. It has every movie I can think of on it even new releases that were just out in the Cinema. You don’t need a satellite dish to use the android box and can check out what you need from I think my WIFI has a speed of over 20mb so that was plenty but as far as I know the android box can run off of 3mb+ which I imagine pretty much anyone with an internet connection has at this stage.

I already have a smart TV but never really put it to use but this android box means I can browse the internet and t even has radio stations from around the world. So I am hoping to pick up and couple of extra recipes this week which I can throw on here!