Boost your WIFI connection with a WIFI Signal Booster

WIFI signal boosters have become a popular product in the last few years but what are they and why are they so popular? Most modern buildings been built have much better insulation and thicker walls to keep up with local building authority standards. Now what does this have to do with WIFI boosters? Well quite simply thicker walls and more insulation means that your WIFI network is weaker in other rooms of your house or office when compared with where your router is.

Thick walls and insulation weaken the signal and in a lot of buildings today the WIFI signal will not cover the entire property. This leads to rooms in the house or office not having a quick wifi connection or in some cases no WIFI at all. To get around this problem a simple but effective product was designed…the wifi signal booster! These boosters connect wirelessly to your router and rebroadcast the signal in a particular area. For example if your router is downstairs and upstairs you do not get a WIFI signal then you can place a booster upstairs and it will pick up the router wifi signal and relay it upstairs providing fast WIFI.

There are obviously different ranges of wifi boosters and the main difference been the speed of the repeater and there is also dual band and single band. Single band can use more bandwidth on the network so can slightly slow down the entire WIFI speed in your home or office. Dual band works off 2 different frequencies so can relay on a different frequency to what it is receiving therefore not weakening the signal.