Are you looking for a refurbished iPhone 5?

The main difference between a company like Apple and Samsung for example is that Apple sell themselves as a premium company. Even though both these companies are competing with each other Apple decided that they shall only sell premium products and thus sell the best quality products. What this means is that essentially there is no such thing as a cheap iPhone. Samsung offer a range of phones starting from under €100 and go all the way up to the €800 mark so cater for all sectors of the market. This is something that Apple do not do.

So if you are on a limited budget how can you get a cheap iPhone? Well there are other solutions. Of course you can buy second hand privately but you are not sure what sort of quality you are getting and there won’t be a guarantee on the product. This is why refurbished cheap iPhone’s have become so popular in recent years. There are several online companies in Ireland which specialize in refurbished products that may have had a fault but have been professionally repaired and are now being sold at a cheaper price.

For example a phone may have had a faulty WIFI or a cracked screen which has now been repaired and is as good as new. And the iPhone’s are as good as new in every sense. In most cases there are no aesthetic marks on the phone and you would never know it has been used. Most of these shops also offer some sort of warranty where they will replace the phone if there is a fault or at least fix whatever issue may arise as a lot of them are also repair shops. So really this is your only option when looking for a refurbished iPhone 5 is to check out for the cheapest iPhone’s in Ireland.



Boost your WIFI connection with a WIFI Signal Booster

WIFI signal boosters have become a popular product in the last few years but what are they and why are they so popular? Most modern buildings been built have much better insulation and thicker walls to keep up with local building authority standards. Now what does this have to do with WIFI boosters? Well quite simply thicker walls and more insulation means that your WIFI network is weaker in other rooms of your house or office when compared with where your router is.

Thick walls and insulation weaken the signal and in a lot of buildings today the WIFI signal will not cover the entire property. This leads to rooms in the house or office not having a quick wifi connection or in some cases no WIFI at all. To get around this problem a simple but effective product was designed…the wifi signal booster! These boosters connect wirelessly to your router and rebroadcast the signal in a particular area. For example if your router is downstairs and upstairs you do not get a WIFI signal then you can place a booster upstairs and it will pick up the router wifi signal and relay it upstairs providing fast WIFI.

There are obviously different ranges of wifi boosters and the main difference been the speed of the repeater and there is also dual band and single band. Single band can use more bandwidth on the network so can slightly slow down the entire WIFI speed in your home or office. Dual band works off 2 different frequencies so can relay on a different frequency to what it is receiving therefore not weakening the signal.


Android TV Boxes Offer Games, Movies and More

In all likelihood, you have cable television or satellite, which is costing you hundreds or more dollars a month! Unfortunately, nobody can afford this type of service! Why should you pay so lavishly for thousands of channels, when you only watch 5 or 10? With this in mind, you will want to consider making the transition to one of the Android TV boxes. What can these devices do for you? You will be able to find out below as explained by the website.

Games and Movies

With Android TV boxes, it is possible to experience a whole new world of entertainment via the Kodi entertainment centre which was previously called XBMC. Can you play video games on your current television? This is highly unlikely! With one of these boxes, you will be able to do play all kinds of different games! Also, you will be able to watch many on demand movies! What could be better?Android Boxes

Saving Tons

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit of these boxes is the fact that they’ll help you save money! Who doesn’t like to save money? Instead of paying an expensive fee each and every month, you’ll only need to pay an initial upfront fee. After that, you’ll be able to use the box as much as you desire, without spending anything else!

Free cooking channels on the Android TV Box

I have been working from home recently and have had the TV on in the background while I work on my laptop and I have been watching a lot of cooking channels I haven’t come across before. My Dad recently bought me an android tv box which means I have hundreds of channels from around the world for free. It is really cool as I can get channels from Australia, Canada, NZ and the USA but the best thing about it is the live sports for free. I used to have to pay a big TV bill of around €70.00 per month which I have just cancelled due to this android tv box.

All I needed was a decent WIFI connection and a HDMI cable and I was ready to go. It has every movie I can think of on it even new releases that were just out in the Cinema. You don’t need a satellite dish to use the android box and can check out what you need from I think my WIFI has a speed of over 20mb so that was plenty but as far as I know the android box can run off of 3mb+ which I imagine pretty much anyone with an internet connection has at this stage.

I already have a smart TV but never really put it to use but this android box means I can browse the internet and t even has radio stations from around the world. So I am hoping to pick up and couple of extra recipes this week which I can throw on here!